Shepherd Ventures is in San Diego, part of Southern California's Tech Coast, with easy access to other technology centers throughout the region. The region has vibrant high technology and life sciences industries, is underserved by the venture capital community, and offers compelling investment opportunities.

Our focus is on information technology and life sciences companies characterized by passionate and experienced management teams, compelling value propositions and extraordinary upside potential. Our objective is to generate significant capital appreciation through a balanced portfolio of first and later stage equity investments in carefully selected, wisely shepherded growth companies. We seek winning CEOs.

First stage companies are those with products that incorporate a disruptive technology, that are (or are about to be) commercially released, and that are capable of creating a valuable new paradigm in their category. In particular, we look for companies with completed products, where sales channels have been defined, and when possible, validated by a purchase order or letter of intent from a bona fide customer. Companies should exhibit a sustainable competitive advantage that will drive them to market or sector dominance and a credible path to profitability. Investments in these companies may be part of the first or second round of institutional capital. Seed stage opportunities will generally not be considered.

Later stage companies are those that either have received prior rounds of venture capital, or have achieved growth and operational maturity without venture funding. These companies would be established technology companies with existing revenue and proven management teams. They likely will have profitable products, brand identity, market traction, and satisfied customers.

The Shepherd Ventures Managing Directors, Venture Partners and Advisors are industry leaders who have extensive experience operating, guiding and investing in first and later stage information technology and life sciences companies.

Shepherd Ventures takes pride in its people. We have a dynamic team of experienced professionals who hold diverse, yet extremely relevant backgrounds. The Shepherd team is disciplined, committed, capable, and always eager to assist our companies in any area they need to succeed. While we structure and lead most of the investments we make, we recognize the value of partnering to help entrepreneurs execute and build world class businesses.